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Optimisation’s concept for the regulation of the new pre-steaming bin in Munksund has created conditions for a smooth, efficient and automatic...

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COCOP – Coordinating Optimisation of Complex Industrial Processes

Optimation has been successfully participaiting in the EU project COCOP since 2016. The process industry needs to increase quality, reduce costs and environmental impact as the demants increase from outside world.Complex industrial processes that have both continuous and batch processes requires to a greater extent control and follow-up from an "entire plant perspective".

Valmet and Optimation collaborate with simulators

Valmet and Optimation have collaborated with the development of the simulator since 2002. The simulators are mainly used for operator training. Valmet uses the Optimations Modeling Library Visa2 as the base library as well as the communication software DSHM (Distributed Shared Memory).

Presentation at Nordic Process Control Workshop 2016

Tomas Eriksson gives a speech on Optimations experiences from advanced process control on Nordic Process Control Workshop in Sigtuna 25-26/8 2016.

Scanmet 2016

Optimation presents a work done with SSAB Europé Luleå at the International Metallurgy Conference SCANMET V. This article describes a regulatory concept for gas recycling from LD converters in Luleå. Simulations have been used throughout the development process from concept to commissioning and education. Operator training was conducted in cloud-based simulations in the Everysim® platform.