Many energy systems have incorrectly structured and insufficiently optimized control systems.
How is your system configured?

Where are your profits?

  • How much more electrical energy can be generated?
  • How balanced can the boiler operation become?
  • How well are load changes handled with improved production control?
  • How much are pressure variations reduced in the high pressure mains?
  • How much are pressure variations reduced in the consumer mains?


We start the project with an analysis, where the system is studied based on the current, prevailing conditions. The outcome determines how we proceed – if we do not find anything to improve we applaud you. Otherwise we draw up decision-making documentation with a plan of how the system can be optimized. Optimation's analysis provides you with a verification of the true state of your process plant. We will help you increase your competitiveness through savings, increased production and improved product quality.


"Optimation has been very fun to work with. The results that we received meant a lot to us.

Now we have much, much better combustion causing reduced carbon monoxide and nitric oxide emissions which, economically speaking, improves benefits from combustion and reduces environmental taxes. We also have reduced wear and tear, lower maintenance costs and longer operation times. In addition, the operations demand less supervision which enables our operators to focus on other more important tasks.

Optimation is good at applying their experience and competence in different clients' operations. When we first met them, they had never worked with waste disposal management but, nevertheless, it went well. Another strength is their good work ethic and moral. Optimation is simply great to work with and I have a lot of confidence in them."

Nils Andersson - Former Local Manager at Fortum Stockholm


How do you build a digital twin, in the form of a dynamic simulation model of a district heating network that contains 46 000 pipes, 9 000 customers and has a range of 20 km, within a reasonable time and cost?

Hylte paper mill wanted the pumping of feed water to work automatically. Operators would thus be free to work on other issues that required more commitment.

Joint development of Optimation's simulation library provides faster introduction of the simulators and facilitates further development. Today Optimation has signed agreements with several customers about the cooperation after delivery of simulation libraries, among these are Valmet. The experiences are good.