Mineral & Metal

At the founding of the company, our employees had process expertise in minerals and metals, and has then been further refined. Our and our customers' process knowledge has since been utilized efficiently through our well-designed toolbox for control system design and optimization. Common to the projects is that we have used modern technology that we applied in an innovative way. Through simulators built up of physical models, additional complexity has been studied, and control systems are designed without interfering with ongoing production. During the building of new plants as well as rebuilding, these simulators have been able to be used in all phases of the projects.

Being able to connect the control system to a physically modeled virtual factory has also proved incredibly effective in testing code and training of operators, not least because a simulator can be paused or run faster than the actual process. An additional delight is that the same simulators could also be used to identify production errors in the included process components. Common to the projects is that commissioning as well as identified warranty measures could be done quickly and without guesswork. Proof has already been in the form of simulator and/or experience bank, which in some cases led to increased earning capacity with 100-million million a year. How much money saved by quickly getting into full production after new installation or just a single downtime, we leave that calculation to our satisfied customers.

In recent years, we have expanded the portfolio with statistically substantiated operational analyzes. For these analyzes statistics are used from an intended or existing facility, regarding maintenance needs, planned stops etc. These analyzes are also performed by simulation in order to effectively point out areas where customers have the lowest-perceived benefits in terms of earning ability. Together with program developers and customers, we have also launched new projects at the forefront of research, where we study granular material flows in detail to offer our customers new services and solutions for a long time to come.

In the mineral side, we have principally worked in all process sections from mine to finished product, for example:

  •     Crushing, grinding, warehousing, conveyors, slurry handling, pumping, separating, flotation, pellet production, boilers, exhaust gas cleaning, freight handling.

Within the metal side we have not worked as wide, but some projects have been through the years in the following areas:

  •     Freight handling, boilers, oxygen conversion, gas grid, steam system, district heating system, as well as pumping.


"We at LKAB have engaged Optimation for support in some of our larger construction projects when working with modeling and simulating hypothetical production processes as well as optimizing the management and control of production in the completed facilities.

With the help of computer simulation, we received help in anticipating critical production aspects and bottlenecks before starting operations. It gave us a more secure production and helped us to keep a tight schedule.

For us, working with Optimation has been positive. They adapted nicely to our corporate culture while retaining a high level of professionalism and were very knowledgeable about process simulation. We have even felt a high level of commitment and accessibility. It was always possible to reach those involved. "

Anders Lundgren - Project Department Manager LKAB


Through the advanced management of a number of cold ramps in SSAB's broadband plant in Borlänge, Optimation could help the steelworks increase their capacity. At the same time, large amounts of electricity were saved.