Pulp & Paper

Optimation has extensive knowledge and experience of process and advanced process control technologies in the pulp and paper industry.

We have reference installations within all process areas in the pulp and paper mill.

Optimation co-operates with Eurocon in the pulp and paper industry. Together we have extensive knowledge and experience of Process and Advanced Process Control technologies.

"Optimation changed our entire steam distribution management philosophy giving us a plant that is, simply put, easier and functions better.

Optimation has been good to work with; they're very reliable. Everything they presented was well substantiated and we have never had to question their work. They have the ability to really optimize the new technique. One example is the virtual model of the steam network. The model was intended as both an educational tool and a tool to simulate what could happen in the event of future adjustments. We were sceptical and said 'yes, yes, I'm sure it will be fine' but it proved to work perfectly. It was used every time an adjustment was to be made and, as far as I know, we have never had any problems in making different adjustments. Naturally, it was invaluable."

- Kristian Lundberg - Project Manager, Billerud Skärblacka


Real-time simulation, where wrong decisions lead to realistic alarms about breakdowns or breaks on the paper path is now an opportunity for prospective civil engineers at Luleå Technical University, LTU. Starting this semester, students in grade four of "Industrial Environmental and Process Engineering" will run a virtual pulp and paper factory on their tablets or laptops.

Hylte paper mill wanted the pumping of feed water to work automatically. Operators would thus be free to work on other issues that required more commitment.

Joint development of Optimation's simulation library provides faster introduction of the simulators and facilitates further development. Today Optimation has signed agreements with several customers about the cooperation after delivery of simulation libraries, among these are Valmet. The experiences are good.