DUR is a software, which makes both the maintenance and optimization of the systems that control industrial production plants more efficient through the support of a methodical working method.

DUR’s strength is its database management and the "order and clarity" it brings to the optimization work. All measurement data and optimizations are saved, which make all actions and settings traceable.

Through automatic calculations, DUR gives proposals on which modifications should be made for optimal control of production. The information about implemented modifications is distributed to the relevant operators and production managers.

Tuning your controllers

DUR is a modern loop management tool that enables you to monitor and maintain all your controllers from one interface. Improving production efficiency by systematic maintenance of controller performance is first priority for every automation system owner. DUR will speed and quality assure all your tuning efforts. Implemented and used by international companies in a variety of industrial applications DUR is continuously improved to ensure a state-of-the-art product.

What DUR provides

DUR automatically suggests PID controller parameters based on identified real process behavior. To keep track of development, information of every change is documented, stored and distributed to operators and production managers. Security is essential and every user has individual system privileges. 

Systematic approach

The strength of DUR is the database where all measurement data and optimizations are stored. Complete traceability of previous actions and modifications gives you the possibility to track the progress of your efforts. Keeping a clear structure and easy data access are key enablers for every successful optimization work.

One system

DUR is the hub of your optimization work and interacts with every control system to gain access to measurement data. Users access DUR via a web browser using a PC, phone or tablet ensuring full data availability in all situations.  No additional software needs to be installed by the user.

Getting started

DUR is easy to use and with every system delivery an on-site education is included. Here we share our knowledge and experience to ensure you will enjoy the full potential of DUR from day one. 

On-site education

  • Software introduction
  • λ–tuning
  • Practical case studies
  • Maintenance