Training Control Optimization, SttP

To satisfy the need for optimization methods and optimization groups, we have successfully incorporated the SttP training into the Optimation concept.

The training is carried out by mentors from Optimation and is mainly focused on practical work. Theory has been kept to a minimum.

A seminar on the theme “Control Deficiency Costs in the Process Industry” where Optimation, together with the customer, presents the aim and objective of the project to relevant/interested employees. A part of the seminar is used to stimulate a dialogue concerning the internal aim of the project and how the actual work is structured.

Methodology and Procedures
Brief theory training, of the type “straight to the point”, in methodology and procedures for trimming individual control circuits based on the Lambda method. The training is 16 hours long with 1 whole day and 2 half days spread over a 1-2 week interval.

During the active part of the training Optimation will participate, with specialists, to support the customer's personnel in their intensive hunt for control deficiency costs. The mentor support will be concluded with an exam in the form of project work. The format of the exam will be structured together with the customer and carried out at the customer's plant.

Evaluation of the Project
In the final phase of the project, Optimation will meet up with all participants in order to assist in the project evaluation. The aim will be to discuss the different aspects of the jointly implemented work and how to move forward.