Through the advanced management of a number of cold ramps in SSAB's broadband plant in Borlänge, Optimation could help the steelworks increase their capacity. At the same time, large amounts of electricity were saved.

Enthusiastic students, good software and skilled teachers very rapidly gave increased efficiency in the Chilean Nueva Aldea mill.
– The eyes glowed on the Chilean engineers when they realized how much they could gain by optimizing the controllers, tells Urban Holmedahl.

SCA implemented, by the end of 2013, a comprehensive modernization of its liner factory in Munksund. A larger and more modern pre-steaming bin with a new type of chip conveyor is one piece of that giant puzzle. With an optimized control it gives the new pre-steaming unit improvements regarding economy, energy efficiency and the environment. The operators may focus on optimizing the cooking of the pulp.

Can you send hot water all the way from Märsta to Stockholm, forty kilometres to the south? Well, you can, but it takes a number of pumps along the way and an effective control system. Optimation AB has worked with this extensive distribution system for district heating.

When Billerud Korsna's factory in Gävle was to rebuild and renew its energy production, the development of new control strategies began early in collaboration with Optimation AB.


Optimations Project Model

We always start a project with an analysis. The analysis consists of a study of the system based on the current, prevailing conditions.

The outcome determines how we proceed – if we do not find anything to improve we applaud you. Otherwise we draw up decision-making documentation with a plan of how the system can be optimized.

Optimation's analysis provides you with verification of the true state of your process plant. We will help you increase your competitiveness through savings, increased production, reduced environmental impact and improved product quality.